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The Foundation of American Law and the Legal System

The American legal system is a very strait forward but complex system of laws. It is founded on the Constitution which provides American citizens with their basic rights and liberties. The Constitution is also the blue print of the nation. These legal principles help to shape America’s identity in the world. This general presentation of the American legal system will provide information about how it works and helps America to be the great place that it is.

The Purpose of the Constitution

The Constitution of the United States was finalized in 1789. This legal mandate was created to establish precedents and fundamental principles for the whole nation. The Cornell Law Education website reveals that there are three main purposes for the Constitution. First, the Constitution establishes a national government. Second, this document divides federal and state governmental powers.

Finally, the Constitution is designed to give American people their basic rights. The Constitution is also considered a living document. In other words, these set of principles and laws can be changed if this type of action is warranted or necessary. The Constitution has been modified at least 23 times. This feature of the Constitution allows for a flexible document that can be adjusted to for new issues arising with government, the legal system or American society.

The Fifth Amendment and Law

The laws that impact American citizens are established by the amendments of the Bill of Rights. The Fifth Amendment talks about basic legal precedents that help to form how Americans live in society. This amendment requires that all citizens be detained for a valid reason that can be proven in a court of law. This amendment also requires that the legal system not take people’s property or their personal belongings for public use.

The Fifth Amendment also establishes laws about how law enforcement interacts with the community when performing their jobs. This article also makes sure that the courts are not unjustly prosecuting people. This isn’t the only amendment that is important to the legal system. You can click here on the Cornell Law website to gather more information about the Constitution and what it represents.

General Ways that the Constitution Impacts American Society

Many of the rights that American citizens enjoy are derived from the Constitution. When people criticize our leaders or the government publicly, they can do so because of the Constitution. When people protest peacefully against an injustice within society, that too is a right which is taken from the Constitution.

If a person wants to worship a rock or start a religion that believes that ketchup is the savior of the world; in America this is possible because of the Constitution. No matter how different, strange or weird a belief might be; American citizens still have the right to exercise their beliefs without fear of persecution or be marginalized by greater society. The Constitution allows American people a fighting chance in society. It gives the average man some rights and liberties and keeps the government in check from being an absolute tyrant.