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What is HYIP?
Category: News - 2015-07-31

What is HYIP?

  • HYIP ,which stands for High Yield Investment Program, is a program which offers high yield investment .It is the most profitable investment program offering interest rates ranging anywhere between 5 – 250% a month. HYIP's are using different investment strategies to generate high returns. They are involved in capital management, such as Forex trading, stock exchange, sports betting, metal trading etc. There are even HYIPs investing in other HYIPs. There are also programs that are not investing at all. These belong to the scammers.

What is the difference between the listings (Exclusive, Premium, Normal, Trial)?

The main difference between the listings is the amount of time and effort spent by the monitor administration to improve your project. So, for example, by ordering a Trial listing customer, receives the following services:
• Adding a project in a Trial section
• Expose a small Refback for your referrals
Ordering the service Normal listing:
• Add the project into the regular section
• Set standard Refback for your referrals
• Set the statuses on the aggregators
• Support project 5 the main forums
• Mailing about the project on Skype chat monitoring.
The advantages of the Normal listing service are obvious, but this is only a small part of our capabilities in relation to your project.When ordering the VIP Listing service, your project will get the maximum support and help from our monitor.
• Add the project in the best section
• Set the maximum Refback + bonuses for your referrals
• Contests and posts reviews news of your project for our referrals
• Set the statuses on the aggregators
• Mailing about the project on Telegram chat monitoring and email monitoring participants
• Banner 728x90
• Banner 468х60
• Text review
• Placement of project in our pinned topics in the forums
• Newsletter about the project in chat monitoring
• Project news on the main page of monitoring
• Status banner marked VIP on all aggregators
• Special VIP status at all aggregators
and more....

What projects are safe?

  • Although the administration of our monitor and tries to protect its users as much as possible, it is impossible to do it 100%. First of all we advise you to evaluate the project yourself and make a final decision on the contribution of your funds. To avoid losses, pay attention to the quality of the site, study user feedback from various sources. And remember: Don’t invest in Hyip what you can’t afford to lose!


How right to register in the project?

  • To order a refund or insurance compensation it is necessary to register by clicking on our affiliate link. To do this, before you go to the site, you need to clean the cache and cookie files in your browser. After cleaning, go to the project you need from our monitor. Projects show your uplain, at registration, or after it in your account. Before making a deposit, be sure to check who is your upline.
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2015-07-31 - What is HYIP?
2015-07-31 - Admin Note #1
Disclaimer: Please bear in mind that all HYIPs investments presuppose high risks. We do not promote or endorse any programs listed here. Some programs may be illegal depending on your country's laws. Past Performance of any of programs is no guarantee for the same or similar future performance. Paying status and others status is for this monitor not for your. We don't give practice, all investments decisions are yours. DON'T SPEND WHAT YOU CAN'T AFFORD TO LOSE!

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